在渥太华买房为什么要选择Joanne Goneau团队?


With decades of experience 在渥太华的房地产市场,我们能够提供这样的洞察 true value of the home based on current market conditions so you can make informed decisions when it comes to buying a house in Ottawa.


Having lived and worked in Ottawa for most of our lives, we have experienced its changing landscape. Our local and 对每个社区的深入了解, its schools, 个别地区的历史, amenities, 更多会让你更清楚地了解他们每一个人能给你和你的家人带来什么.


We have the ability to provide you with instant notifications when homes that meet your search criteria hit the market so you receive the 最早进入新上市公司.

Our Personalized Approach

说到在渥太华买房子, 我们花时间去了解你,以便我们完全理解你想要什么和需要什么, 所以你只会看到完全符合你标准的房子.


我们相信,强大的沟通是我们与客户关系的基础. 我们将保持每周沟通,无论你喜欢什么媒体,无论是文字, phone, or email and of course, 有任何问题或顾虑,我们随时都可以提供.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity and will never pressure you to do something that is not in your best interest. We will tell you when a particular home is not suitable for you because we want you to help you finding your dream home as well as a valuable investment that will appreciate until you are ready to sell.


Our successful experience navigating multiple offer situations and complex real estate negotiations, 我们会给你提供你需要的工具,让你的报价最有可能被接受.

Our Guidance and Support

We will take the time to explain every detail of the Ottawa home buying process and educate you on the legal and financial aspects, 保证和保护, 在渥太华买房子所涉及的条款和意外事故.


当你找到了一个完美的家,并准备好继续前进, our team will facilitate communication for the entire home buying process from lawyers to mortgage brokers to home inspectors to ensure the deal is completed efficiently and smoothly.


从合格的房屋检查员到抵押贷款专家和法律顾问, 我们拥有声誉良好的网络, ethical, and professional vendors who we know will provide you with the dedication and high level of service that you have come to expect from the Ray Otten Team.


我们理解,在渥太华买房的步骤可能会带来压力, 尤其是对于新购房者, so we make it our duty to keep our clients informed and knowledgeable about every aspect of the home buying process.

We want you to feel confident that you have an experienced and trusted team behind you that is protecting your interests and keeping you out of harm’s way so that you can concentrate on your plans to enjoy your new home.

Getting to Know You

在渥太华买房子的第一步首先要了解你, what you want today, 以及明天会发生怎样的变化. 我们将一起完成我们的购房者问卷,这将帮助您定义您的需求, needs, price range, and desired locations in order to help us discover your interests and needs so that you do not miss out on any opportunities.

我方将详细解释买方代理协议,这是我方要求的 安大略房地产委员会 (RECO). In essence, your buyer agent is legally mandated to represent your best interests to the best of their ability with no cost to you.

In addition, 作为买方代理代表, we can also work on your behalf with “For Sale By Owner” or “New Home Constructions” if you are looking at those options. 如果你正在考虑建造一个新的建筑,在和我们交谈之前不要去找建筑工人. 我们有有价值的内部建议,也可以为您提供高达1000美元的折扣.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

我们首选的合作伙伴是 experts in their field 我们对他们提供的服务有了第一手的经验. They have the pre-qualification programs to assist you in pre-qualifying for a mortgage to ensure that you will receive the best possible mortgage rates and service available.
This guarantees that you will only spend your valuable time looking for homes that you qualify to purchase.

Begin Your Search & View Homes Around Ottawa

The next steps to buying a house in Ottawa will be to launch our detailed High Energy Home Buyer Program action plan. 我们会将您的需求输入我们独特的前景匹配系统, which is linked to the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) and we will locate the top 7-10 homes that best match the features you are looking for.

Our comprehensive software is updated by the minute with the MLS so that homes matching your profile will be sent to you the very moment they hit the market and you will have access to them even before most real estate agents and buyers are aware of them.

我们会安排向您展示符合您标准的最佳住宅. While doing so, we ask that you make notes about what you liked and disliked about the homes so you don’t forget any details. It is important for you to communicate with us so that we can understand even further what you are looking for.

出价买房子 & Conditional Agreement

当你找到了梦想的家, we will review the Offer to Purchase with you and explain all the conditions and special clauses so you fully understand the entire agreement. We will represent you and handle negotiations on your behalf with your advice and input until a successor agreement is reached.
当完全签署和接受协议时,协议是有条件的. We then ensure all your pertinent documents are forwarded to the appropriate professionals to move forward with a smooth and trouble-free closing. 我们认为我们的服务是礼宾服务,为您提供引荐服务 专业领域的顶尖专家,包括房屋检查员、抵押贷款经纪人、律师等.


当你的协议中的所有条件都满足时, 我们会将所有文件转交给您的律师,以完成您的购房. 我们将随时为您提供现在或未来的任何问题或关注.

You will also be invited to join our Client for Life follow-up program where you are welcome to attend our yearly Client For Life catered party at my home where everyone gets an opportunity to enjoy the personal side of our caring team.

我们不会忘记过去的客户! In appreciation, each year our past clients are entered into a contest to win a trip for two to a destination of their choice. *适用比赛规则和条件

You are welcome to use our moving truck for items you may want to move personally and we will refer you to our preferred partners for any renovations or purchases you may require to make your new home truly special.


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